322 NW 6th Avenue, Suite 200
(between Everett + Flanders)
Portland, Oregon 97209
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*member access varies by package
*meeting access driven by request
*drop-ins + free trial days M - Th only
*tours by appointment only




What is coworking? A hot desk?
Coworking has become the most commonly used term to describe independent professionals working together in a shared space. Early adopters were Jonathan Robinson in England, and Tara Hunt + Chris Messina in San Francisco. See the wiki and google groups.

The hot desk concept evolved in response to the changing needs of today's flex-time economy and post-geographic professional workforce. A hot desk describes the temporary physical occupation of a workstation, used in places where a variety of users keep varying schedules.

Who is souk for? What are some reasons for becoming a member?
Member professions vary as much as a marketplace. Generally speaking souk's community is made up of freelancers, independent consultants and entrepreneurs.

A souk membership remedies a variety of pains. We've heard a mix of the following: It's lonely at home. It's convenient because I drop my kids at school downtown and can go straight into "work". I'm not productive at home with my kids and/or partner. I need people to bounce ideas off of. And more. We're currently gathering some testimonials so you can hear from members themselves. In the meantime, see our home page for featured monthly members.

What are the membership options?
All memberships are monthly. Choose from one that works for you. Sign up takes about 10 minutes and you can start the same day! All payment options welcome.

Contact us about membership and signing up. souk strongly encourages you to visit too. Space matters to us; we believe it matters to you.

Do I have to be a member to use the meeting rooms?
No. Many individuals and small companies book a few hours to a full day. We recommend booking as soon as you know you might need a room. Common types of a/v available on site. Sign up is easy and just involves signing an agreement and providing payment. All credit cards welcome.

What is space at souk like?
souk space

The souk facility is 5000 square feet exuding a loft-like feel with its exposed brick and HVAC systems, restored original wooden beams, high ceilings and ample natural light.   Herman Miller chairs and Design Within Reach pieces round out the open plan appeal.   There are NO CUBICLES.

There are two, closed conference rooms available, all with natural light, both holding about 10 people. Additionally, upon request, there is a large event space that is available for up to 150. It's used for everything from larger meeting groups to networking events and workshops.

The remainder of the space is open plan and accommodates up to 24 hot desks, many of which can be adjusted for those preferring to stand.   All hot desks have ergonomic Celle chairs, Herman Miller's "green" line of office seating.

Finally, there are areas where people can "touch down" to meet informally. We subscribe to newspapers and magazines for members to share.

What about storage?
Members have access to ample-sized, bring-your-own-lock lockers or locked mobile file drawers at the facility. Other storage possibilities may be available upon request, but are limited. souk encourages a "clutter-free" environment.

Does souk provide computers and phones?
No. It's expected you will use your laptop and cell phone. Should you need a phone, there are a couple available upon request.

What if I need to take a private call?
It's absolutely understood and expected by all members that you'll use your cell phone. We just ask you to place it on vibrate, and for louder calls, to kindly grab a more private space. Any closed room that is unoccupied can be used temporarily for private calls. If they are occupied, a semi-closed area in reception or the stairwell may be used.

Is the facility secure?
Rest assured souk has taken precautions:

  • secured entry at street level and at the entrance to souk
  • an alarm system
  • cable locks you can check out for laptops

What about services?
In addition to those listed below, souk members can work for up to 3 FREE days in other national and international coworking spots. Ask for the latest list of participating spaces.

  • Secure Wifi
  • Copier
  • Printers
  • Fax machine
  • LCD projectors + screens
  • White boards (mobile as well) + pens
  • Flip charts + pens
  • TV/DVD
  • phones with unlimited local calls
  • General admin assistance (can be arranged)
  • Meeting snack baskets
  • Intranet for members
  • Laptop rental - laptop cable locks
  • General office supplies
  • souk business cards (if you don't have your own)
  • Library (magazines and newspapers)
  • Storage
  • Kitchen (functional for a caterer)
  • Deluxe, cappuccino/latte machine
  • All utilities and green janitor service
  • Recycling
  • Headsets
  • ADA restrooms and elevator
  • Limited bike parking
  • Brown Bag Lunches with guest speakers, networking hours, etc.
  • Featured member profile on home page
  • "Company Present" events
  • Fully staffed reception/concierge
  • Dedicated server room
  • Discounts through souk partners
  • Etc.

How do I get to souk?
souk is conveniently located at 322 NW 6th Avenue in Portland, between Everett and Flanders, in Old Town Chinatown, within walking distance of downtown and the Pearl District. See map.

Public Transportation
The nearby bus, streetcar and MAX lines access souk. Consult for more information.

By Car
The closest garage is on Everett at 5 th one block away. Smartpark has garages within a few blocks at Naito and NW Davis and at Station Place (at the westside foot of the Broadway Bridge).   Additionally, there are several outdoor lots within a few blocks of souk.

Metered street parking is available on all surrounding streets, including availability along the North Park Blocks, two blocks away. The train station also has parking.

How do I found out about the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood?,_Portland,_Oregon and

How did souk get started?
Click here.

The name souk, what does it mean?
A souk is a Moroccan bazaar.   The owner was inspired by world markets and the individual entrepreneurs who temporarily construct and run their own stalls.   All those stalls together form a vibrant, colorful community experience.   souk's environment is suggestive of a market - kind of like a professional market:   a graphic designer beside a consultant to a non-profit beside a PR specialist and so on, forming unique and endless marketplace combinations.   Come, set up stall!