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Omega Prime Group Limited Acquires Hashtechz Software Development Company

Blockchain is becoming more prevalent. With the help of the big players in tech and financial industries, the technology has been seeing great leaps in terms of further technological development. Recently, Facebook released its white paper for its own digital currency, Libra. JP Morgan Chase is starting to develop its own currency as well.

Omega Prime Group, a successful fintech startup, has been rapidly expanding its technological portfolio by building infrastructures necessary for the emerging decentralized financial economies and acquiring companies that are doing great blockchain technology development.

One of their recent expansion included the purchase of Hashtechz, a software development company that builds trading bots using AI driven algorithm. This technology can conduct high volume arbitrage trading on various markets, such as the cryptocurrencies.

Another great focus for Omega Prime Group Trading is the development of its own cryptocurrency exchange with a cryptographic version of the Singapore dollar, SGDX. This currency will allow Omega Prime Group’s members to hedge against cryptocurrencies volatilities while benefitting from the ability to engage in instant, cross-border, censorship resistant currency transactions.

The group has just conducted a strategic soft launch in Jeju Island, South Korea. The highly anticipated event was attended by 600 eager blockchain investors. Under this event, Omega Prime Group unveiled their investment products to the public.

For more information read on Omega Prime Hashtechz.

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